Our environment is fundamental to the way we live. Tailored interior design is a means of shaping our spaces to create aesthetic & functional solutions that work in harmony with everyday life.

Mood Interiors & Styling creates signature solutions for various spaces:




From Sydney to Mauritius, we’ve designed stunning livable spaces both locally and internationally. We always work closely with our clients to create living and leisure spaces that fufill their intended vision on every level.



With experience in both hospitality and corporate, the success of any commercial space depends as much on the professional skill, knowledge & experience of the  designer as on innovation and the artist’s eye.

brand styling

Understanding a brand’s unique visual territory requires strong art direction skills, including a knowledge of marketing needs, working on teams, working to camera and emphasis on end consumer resonance.


Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. From our peers and referencing current or classic design, to keeping abreast of local and international trends, our travels, to the colours of nature and observing the random patterns in life.

Our overiding goal is to not only achieve effective, harmonious design solutions, but to create uniquely tailored spaces that will continue to inspire for many years to come. 



With a reputation for excellence, operating with professional service is always top of mind. We believe in transparency at every stage. Services in our process include such things as initial concept boards, joinery design, interior layouts, colour selection, sourced fixtures and fittings selection, and project management.



We love to look, explore, wander & wonder. We practice what we preach and love meeting new people. If you would like to talk about working with us on your next project contact us here.